With a little help from your friends. This program is designed for the busy gardener who wants "Party Perfect" gardens, but just needs a little extra help keeping them looking great.

January and February

  • Dormant inspection of plants to assess bud viability and monitor disease
  • Cut back of Ornamental grass
  • Monthly visits for debris cleanup & removal
  • Removal of Christmas trees

March and April

  • Spring Bed cleanup to remove debris, weeds, and winter blow in
  • Cut back of perennials left over from previous season
  • Pruning of summer flowering shrubs
  • Bed edging of all lawn trees, plant beds, and hard surfaces.
  • Application and incorporation of Pre-emergent Herbicide in all bed areas and lawn trees
  • Application of slow release Organic Fertilizer for all beds and lawn trees
  • Application of Mulch: Rake to fluff existing mulch and then top dress with a hardwood bark mulch at a rate of no less than 1" and no greater than 3" (Grade Midi or Finer)

May through October (One Visit per Month)

  • Removal of all weeds, trash and debris from beds, lawns, and roadsides
  • Perennial care to maintain plant health, appearance, and to promote re-bloom
  • Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs to maintain design intent
  • Fluff Mulch and Redefine bed and lawn tree edges as needed
  • Clean curb inlets and drains, keeping grates free of debris
  • Monitoring Ornamental Pest and Disease
  • Supplemental application of fertilizers as needed to enhance plant vigor
  • Monitoring of soil conditions, and irrigation
  • Repairing any mulch damage from heavy storms or erosion
  • Upon request, removal and disposal of annual flowers
  • Cut back and winterization of perennials (late October)
  • Storm Damage: After severe storms, we assess damage and cleanup small sticks
  • Site Evaluations & recommendations

November and December

  • Fall Bed Cleanup: Removal of all leaves, debris from bed areas, lawns, and hard surfaces (Two Visits: Late November and Mid December)
  • Year End site evaluation of all plants and hardscape

Note: Monthly Bed Care is not recommended for wooded properties, properties that have a lot of perennial plantings, or clients that desire their gardens to always have that crisp, clean appearance.