Just leave it to us. This program keep your gardens looking "Party Perfect" all year long...all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the beauty, we'll do all the dirty work!

January and February

  • Dormant Pruning of ornamental trees to shape, thin, and remove crossing branches
  • Dormant Pruning of shrubs to improve shape, thin, and rejuvenate
  • Dormant inspection of plants to assess bud viability and monitor disease
  • Cut back of Ornamental grass
  • Monthly visits for debris cleanup & removal
  • Removal of Christmas trees
  • Snow removal (If part of maintenance agreement)

March and April

  • Spring Bed cleanup to remove debris, weeds, and winter blow in
  • Cut back of perennials left over from previous season
  • Pruning of summer flowering shrubs
  • Bed edging of all lawn trees, plant beds, and hard surfaces.
  • Application and incorporation of Pre-emergent Herbicide in all bed areas and lawn trees
  • Application of slow release Organic Fertilizer for all beds and lawn trees
  • Application of Mulch: Rake to fluff existing mulch and then top dress with a hardwood bark mulch at a rate of no less than 1" and no greater than 3" (Grade Midi or Finer)

May through October (Every Other Week)

  • Removal of all weeds, trash and debris from beds, lawns, and roadsides
  • Perennial care to maintain plant health, appearance, and to promote re-bloom
  • Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs to maintain design intent
  • Fluff Mulch and Redefine bed and lawn tree edges as needed
  • Clean curb inlets and drains, keeping grates free of debris
  • Monitoring Ornamental Pest and Disease
  • Supplemental application of fertilizers as needed to enhance plant vigor
  • Monitoring of soil conditions, and irrigation
  • Repairing any mulch damage from heavy storms or erosion
  • Upon request, removal and disposal of annual flowers
  • Cut back and winterization of perennials (late October)
  • Party Prep: Extra visit to ensure grounds are “perfect" for your special events
  • Storm Damage: After severe storms, we assess damage and cleanup small sticks
  • Site Evaluations & recommendations

November and December

  • Fall Bed Cleanup: Removal of all leaves, debris from bed areas, lawns, and hard surfaces (Three Visits Early November, Late November, Mid December)
  • Application of a Pre-emergent herbicide to control winter weeds
  • Year End site evaluation of all plants and hardscape